Referendum on Marriage Equality (2015) (Thirty-Fourth Amendment of the Constitution Bill, 2015)

You are being asked in this referendum if you agree with the proposal to amend Article 41 of the Constitution to provide that two persons may marry without distinction as to their sex. Marriage will continue to be regulated by legislation and the common law. The Thirty-fourth Amendment of the Constitution (Marriage Equality) Bill 2015 proposes to insert the following section after section 3 of Article 41 of the Constitution:

“4. Marriage may be contracted in accordance with law by two persons without distinction as to their sex.”

Click here to download the booklet, entitled “Referendum Results 1937 – 2015” in PDF format. This includes all final referendum results.

Result Summary

Electorate: 3,221,681
Total Poll: 1,949,725
Percentage Poll: 60.52%
Votes in favour of the proposal: 1,201,607
Votes against the proposal: 734,300
Invalid Ballot Papers: 13,818